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Blacksmith Collective Assembles All-Star Creative Campaign for Play Energy Drink VW Golf Type R Giveaway

Blacksmith Creative Collective orchestrated an exciting influencer and content creator campaign to promote Play Energy Drink's custom Golf GTI Type R giveaway.

Blacksmith Collective Play Energy Drink Type R Giveaway

Recognising the importance of collaborating with talented individuals who can innovate and add a unique twist to brand messaging, Blacksmith Creative Collective identified four standout creators - Naledi Thabo, Katlego Mohube, Yoliswa Myaluza, and Chad Jones - to develop authentic, engaging content around the giveaway for their established and youthful audiences.


While each creator will bring their own style to the table, Blacksmith Creative Collective serves as the golden thread tying together the campaign through key branding visuals, detailed product shots, a brief brand film, and more. This orchestrated creator marketing approach will authentically resonate with each creator's audience and organically drive mass reach and impact for Play Energy Drink.

The giveaway ran until December 31st, 2023. To enter one had to buy any 440ml Power Play and Dial *120*2462# to win either the custom Golf GTI Type R or other exciting prizes like airtime and Play Energy Drink stock.

Chad Jones 


Yoliswa Myaluza


Katlego Mohube


Naledi Thabo


Through strategic collaboration, creativity and an insight-driven creator content strategy, Blacksmith Creative Collective generated widespread buzz and interest surrounding Play Energy Drink's epic GTI Type R giveaway.

Blacksmith Collective Play Energy Drink Type R Giveaway


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