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Leaving It All on the Court with African Ginger & Hennessy x NBA's Collab

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Amidst Johannesburg's vibrant core, the Ernest Oppenheimer Park basketball court stands as a cultural epicenter, where history, hip-hop, and art unite. Beyond sports, it's a space for spirited cyphers and dynamic games. Today, we unveil a collaborative masterpiece by African Ginger, Seth Pimentel, that revitalised this revered ground—a fusion of art, community, and Hennessy's spirit.

© Celina Sequira
Hennessy | In The Paint | African Ginger

As Blacksmith Creative Collective, we've been privileged witnesses to this remarkable journey, documenting the merging of art and community. Our team captured every brushstroke, preserving emotions and pivotal moments. From key visuals and animated GIFs pulsating with energy, to sweeping drone shots framing fresh perspectives, our visual storytelling amplifies this tale.

Rooted in local, continental, and global culture, Blacksmith Creative Collective our mission was to amplify culture, and our role in this collaboration between Hennessy x NBA and Seth Pimentel, underscores its significance.

Hennessy | In The Paint | African Ginger
Hennessy | In The Paint | African Ginger

A native of Johannesburg, African Ginger's connection to this endeavor is profoundly personal. His creative endeavor becomes a mirror reflecting the city center's diversity and rich history, narrating the collective tale of the community to the global audience. Through his distinct neo-expressionist style, he captures the vitality and sentiment inherent to the game. The interplay of gentle, yet vibrant lines signifies an unceasing pulse within the court's confines – a reminder that the spirit of the "Game Never Stops."

“The collaboration with Hennessy has unfurled a canvas for me (Seth Pimentel) to recount untold tales through my art. It is a manifestation of our people's essence and pays homage to the past while simultaneously illuminating a path of optimism for the future."

Our journey transcends documentation; crafting an aftermovie, we encapsulated this transformation's essence. 'In the Paint' pays tribute to collaboration, artistic vision, and community power.


Closing this chapter, for now, the canvas now reflects Johannesburg's pulse and residents' spirit. With each dribble and flourish, 'In the Paint' echoes—culture, sports, and art uplifting communities and igniting dreams. Through our creative team, we will continue to amplify transformative narratives, celebrate creativity, culture, and community's convergence.


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