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Uncover the compelling narrative of UNKNWNPROJCTS and their Nike #MoveToZero Campaign

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Nike's 'Move to Zero' initiative is a significant step towards a sustainable future, aiming to achieve zero carbon and zero waste to safeguard the future of sports. Meet the minds behind UNKNWNPROJCTS: Nina, Kabelo, Khotso, and Sash—driven individuals committed to making a difference in the world of fashion and sustainability.

Blacksmith Creative Collective visually captures UNKNWNPROJCTS for Nike SNKRS campaign - a stunning portrayal of upcycled fashion and #MoveToZero initiative.

© Brian Metcalf | Nike Move to Zero

In line with this movement, UNKNWNPROJCTS advocates for refreshing, rethinking, and recycling old gear. The rise of upcycling in street culture inspired their mission to contribute a unique South African perspective to waste utilisation.

© Blacksmith Collective

Initially unaware that they were upcycling, UNKNWNPROJCTS started utilizing waste from their studio to create new garments. Their process involves carefully unpicking old garments and repurposing the materials into something entirely different.

All that waste you’re creating, we can do something with it.
The beauty of upcycling lies in its versatility. Whether it's creating a Gillet or combining unexpected elements, the possibilities are endless.

A pivotal moment for the team was during a trip to Amsterdam, where they realised the impact of their work on a global scale. Their message is clear: "All that waste you’re creating, we can do something with it."

"In Johannesburg, a city enriched by a diverse blend of cultures, people are celebrated as 'Amabica', donning hybrids of styles like windbreakers paired with formal pants."

Embracing this melting pot of influences, UNKNWNPROJCTS envisioned taking their creativity and sustainability efforts global from inception.


Nike's 'Move to Zero' initiative, coupled with the innovative efforts of UNKNWNPROJCTS, marks a powerful stride towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future for the world of sports and beyond. As we look ahead, their collaborative vision serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring us all to embrace creativity, upcycling, and responsible practices in our pursuit of a better tomorrow.


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