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Unveiling Kasi Flavour10's Exquisite Twist on the Legendary Adidas Samba OG

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Venturing from the bustling streets and dusty fields of South Africa's spirited townships to the pristine, emerald lawns of world-renowned stadiums, Kasi Flavour10 has emerged as a frontrunner in redefining and preserving the country's rich football culture and heritage. Engrained in the annals of South Africa's football history, Kasi Flavour10 serves as a vital link between the nation's past and present, dedicating itself to archiving and safeguarding the legacy of South African football.

Helmed by visionary creative director, Kabelo Kungwane, Kasi Flavour10 stands as an ingenious creative agency that seamlessly fuses the realms of fashion, photography, and design to honour and celebrate South Africa's cherished football culture.

Kasi Flavour10
©Jessica Lawson

In their latest endeavor, Kasi Flavour10 embarked on a design journey to reimagine the iconic Adidas Samba as a luxurious piece of art. Recognizing footballers' affinity for opulence, evident in their choice of lavish toiletry bags and perfumes during training camps and match days, Kasi Flavour10 drew inspiration from this desire for sophistication to craft a high-end sneaker that pays homage to the sport.

The masterpiece they conceived features an exquisite blend of Ostrich Leather and Leather Laces, adorning the upper part of the shoe. The intricate details and premium materials used in its construction create a truly unique and distinguished look, merging the worlds of football and luxury seamlessly.

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