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Just Did It: Nike x Yoon AMBUSH Nite Sport Event

We were there not just as participants, but as documentarians - tasked by Nike to capture the ethos of Nite Sport, its vibrant sense of self-expression and diverse sounds.


As the Jozi's skyline glowed under the night sky, beats pulsed from The Nest to Ponte Tower. Culture-shifters, artists, and creatives moved together, the Nike Swoosh flashing from sweatshirts and sneakers.

Nike Nite Sport Yoon AMBUSH
Nite Sport stands proudly under the umbrella of Nike's collaboration with designer Yoon Ahn and her label AMBUSH.

It has taken on a life and culture of its own - a community-owned showcase for Nike's progressive place within youth culture. Dance, movement and free self-expression remain at its core.

Nike Nite Sport Yoon AMBUSH

As the Blacksmith Creative Collective, we came in with a specific goal - to document Nike Nite Sports's ever-evolving femme collectivism through raw, unfiltered photography and video. To capture the primacy of culture-crushers as well as capture the summiting spirit of creative directors, DJs, and hyperlocal artists on the rise.



Our directive was clear - showcase both personal style and product, focusing on the newly launched Nike x AMBUSH Uptempo Low sneaker.

Moving through the scene with analogue cameras, digital rigs, and Y2K-inspired camcorders, we documented the convergence of sport and style from every angle. Final delivery of photos, short clips, and event recap footage are slated for early next week. As Nite Sport grows, so too will our documentation - giving viewers around Johannesburg and beyond a window into the city's infectious energy. The pulse on the streets was strong that night, and we were there to bottle it.


THE SWOOSH AFTER DARK | NIKE NITE SPORT FULL GALLERY Captured by Blacksmith Creative Collective




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