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Refuse to Blend In: Refuse's Jersey is a Streetwear Shibobo

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The Streets are the new pitch as Refuse x Mr Price's knit jersey takes over.

South African label Refuse has been pushing boundaries since 2016, fusing contemporary silhouettes with traditional African motifs. Renowned for unique prints and textures that celebrate Nguni influences, Refuse brings its bold aesthetic to the masses through this collaboration with retail staple Mr Price.


The accessible South African brand (Mr Price) helps introduce the next generation to Refuse's creative, African-inspired vision. This vibrant spirit is embodied in the brands' limited-edition football jersey collaboration. Gone are the days of wearing jerseys just for shibobo's. The streets are now the pitch as the knit jersey becomes a stylish focal point, donned by influencers, artists and designers.


As designer Tebogo Makgope says, "The streets are our platform to tell stories through style. With its vibrant colours and proud patterns, the jersey spotlights our heritage and gives people confidence to exude that in their looks."


Style Refuse's Knit-Inspired Soccer Jersey

This vibrant jersey collaboration is anything but refuse. The streets are now the runway as Refuse and Mr Price team up to bring African style to fashion's forefront.

So get out there and refuse to blend in. Style this limited-edition jersey with your own flair and exude the confidence of your heritage. With these bold designers leading the way, the streets are primed for a revolution of African-inspired looks.


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