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WHAT PEOPLE WORE TO: Nike presents; Be True "In Motion"

Nike’s “Be True 'In Motion'” experience at Victoria Yards was not only a celebration of wellness and community but also a showcase of vibrant individuality through fashion. From the eclectic to the elegant, the expressive to the understated, attendees brought their A-game, making the venue a runway in its own right.

Across the sunlit weekend, amidst a rich combination of conversations, performances, and melodic tunes, personal style narratives unfolded at Nike Be True 'In Motion'.

Through the artistic aperture of Blacksmith Creative Collective, we've spotlighted some of our favourite ensembles from the day.



These curated looks, from “Be True 'In Motion',” are more than just threads and accessories. They encapsulate the spirit of individuality, creativity, and authenticity, mirroring the ethos of the event itself.



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