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The Rise of CULTISH, and how 'cultists' are styling their pieces.

In a world of conformity, where trends are dictated by mega-brands and swallowed whole by the masses, there emerges a brand that defies the mold - CULTISH. When Ryan Brussow conceptualised the brand, little did he know that his avant-garde vision would resonate so deeply with those who dance to the beat of their own drum.

© Cultish

CULTISH, as the name suggests, is more than a brand; it's a movement. This isn't just about being different – it's a rally cry for the outcasts, for those who find solace in the unconventional, for the individuals who broadcast the future while living fiercely in the present.

CULTISH doesn't shy away from its voice. They shout their ethos, and it reverberates in the alleys and boulevards alike. Each piece, meticulously crafted with a keen eye on every stitch and seam. In the streets, you'll find the CULTISH devotees pairing their pieces with high-fashion sneakers and accessories, truly complementing the raw edges and unapologetic designs of CULTISH's pieces. Think silver chunky chains and mismatched earrings, offering that delicate balance between chaos and calculated design.

© Cultish

But what truly sets CULTISH apart is its story-driven approach. Ryan Brussow's genius lies not just in the design but in the tales each piece tells. The believers resonate with these stories. They see themselves in the love letters weaved into each garment. They find solidarity in the rejection of the ordinary.



And in the global fashion arena, where Africa's voice has often been muted or stereotyped, CULTISH serves as a powerful reminder of the continent's rich culture, creativity, and resilience. It's not just about crafting pieces that stand out; it's about amplifying voices that have long been hushed. As the fashion world evolves, it's brands like CULTISH that are recalibrating the scales, redefining norms, and reshaping narratives. While it may be a brand for the outcasts today, it won't be long before the world realises that the future belongs to those brave enough to embrace their authentic selves.

© Cultish

For CULTISH, the road ahead is one of boundless possibility. The question isn't whether the world is ready for them; it's whether the world can keep up. After all, when art meets fashion in such a revolutionary way, the outcome is nothing short of iconic.


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