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Join the adidas Originals Studio Workshop Experience //// Unmasking A Global Platform

adidas South Africa unveils the ‘Originals Studio,’ a workshop heralding a golden opportunity for the next-gen of creative forces. Welcoming aboard a fleet of changemakers like designer Matthew Edwards, fashion mavens Lukhanyo Mdingi and Dennis Collins, visual maestro Gabrielle Kannemeyer, and film director Yoza Mnyanda, this is your chance, Cape Town, to plug into a reservoir of knowledge and create waves in a sea of boundless opportunities.

adidas Originals Studio

Heard enough already? CLICK HERE to register your name for what promises to be a transformational journey. Deadline is ticking down – 23:59 on Wednesday, 4th October, mark it in bold!

Within the adidas Originals community, every 'stripe', snap, & stitch are a testament to a collaborative spirit, a symbiotic existence where every creation lasts an eternity.

Cape Town, this is your time to take on a new chapter, revel in the evolution of your craft, and unleash a thousand more originals into the world.


When is this happening?

Date: 7 October 2023 Where: Lemkus, 4th floor, Lemkus Exchange Building, 26 St.Georges Mall, Cape Town

Time: 13:00 - 20:00


A Universe of Knowledge and Insight with Original Pioneers:

  • Gabrielle Kannemeyer: Elevate your narrative through the lens, unraveling the potential of visual language in filmmaking and photography.

  • Yoza Mnyanda-Siboto: Dive into the depths of cinematic creativity, sharpening your skills in pitching and creating magnetic film treatments.

  • Matthew Edwards: Unearth the key to interweaving sustainability with impeccable design, fostering originality that breathes life into our world.

  • Lukhanyo Mdingi & Dennis Collins: Journey through the realms of fashion, unraveling threads of considered design and practice that drape our tomorrow.


Don't just be a part of the narrative. Shape it. Mold it. Disrupt the static, and create a dynamic. CLICK HERE to register your name for adidas Originals Studio Workshop.

adidas Originals Studio

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