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Tyla Makes Waves with Travis Scott on 'Water' Remix

In an exciting new collaboration, South African singer-songwriter Tyla has teamed up with American rapper Travis Scott for a remix of her hit single "Water." The remix dropped on Friday and features an additional verse from Scott.

Tyla Travis Scott Water Remix

"Water" originally appeared on Tyla's debut album and became her breakthrough hit, landing on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The Travis Scott remix injects new energy into the chart-topping song.


Travis Scott's Verse

When you’re low, keep you high like flame (Flame)

Can make your whole life change (Change)

She’s a palm body, yeah, but the wrist plain (Plain)

Eliante after with a bust down chain

The way that thing move, girl, that waist change

I’m lovin’ how it bounce like you got [?]

I know a couple things we can exchange

Create the AP on time (On time)

And you the only one that outshine it (Outshine it)

Don’t matter if your dress for the fine diamond (Fine diamond)

Boy, you inside with your bonet

I know, yeah, iconic (Iconic)

You deserve some wrist that’s diamonds (Wrist that’s)

You deserve a trip to the islands (Yeah)

If we post up, baby, don’t comment

You keep it wet, that’s a real-life challenge (Life challenge)

All that ass gotta pour out of gallons (Yeah)

Beauty in the top, keep balance (Balance)

Gucci in her bag, Gucci wallet (Yeah)

You ain’t gotta hide your talent (Talent)

Even if you did, I better find it (Yeah)

You know I’m comin’ from the H

But it’s plus two-seven when I dial in


The collaboration shows Tyla's rising star power and versatility as an artist. Fans are thrilled to hear these two talented musicians come together on such an anticipated remix. Be sure to check it out now on your favourite streaming platforms.

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