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serpentwithfeet's 'Damn Gloves' loudly echoes Yanga YaYa's New Age Soul

serpentwithfeet's newest release, "Damn Gloves," intricately melds his signature sound with the flair of Ty Dolla $ign, and the undertones of soulful South African, Yanga YaYa.

serpentwithfeet damn gloves

Yanga YaYa, self-described as a “nomad,” brings a refreshing touch of "new age soul" to the piece. Passionate about expanding the boundaries of Black music, Yanga creates melodies that not only narrate profound stories but also impel listeners to move, to feel, and to dance. The authenticity of his musical narratives reverberates throughout "Damn Gloves".

From the evocative chorus, "Hold you closer, closer than those damn gloves", emanating from a dimly lit dance floor in Micaiah Carter's directed visual, the anticipation for the album GRIP grows. Set as a tribute to the spirit of Black queer nightlife, GRIP is slated to mesmerise fans come February 16, 2024. This will be serpentwithfeet’s first profound musical endeavour since DEACON in 2021.


Delve into the harmonious world of "Damn Gloves" on Spotify, where a sneak peek into the full 10-song tracklist for GRIP awaits.

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