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Styling the Typographic Patterns of Boys of Soweto

Birthed in Soweto, and created by Vusumuzi Ndima, a unique harmony blends heritage, ethos, and imaginative flair. Boys of Soweto (BOS) are the maestros, orchestrating a fresh twist to city fashion. Their vivid patterns unfold narratives and sentiments, capturing the township's dynamic energy. Stroll its avenues, and you're amidst a fashion show, each BOS ensemble singing of Soweto's heart. In our transient fashion era, BOS shines with authenticity, sharing more than garments - they share Soweto's enduring spirit.

Boys of Soweto
Shot by: Jeffrey Rikhotso

BOS's signature golf shirts become a living mural, their patterns narrating stories as diverse and intricate as Soweto itself. Their V-neck jumpers and cardigans are more than garments; they're the essence of a community, bearing dreams and determination with each thread. Amidst the local fashion scene, Boys of Soweto rise uniquely, not just offering attire but bestowing a heritage. Their 'Township Certified' designs, travelling worldwide, are a testament to the unity and passion that define Soweto.

Boys of Soweto
Shot by: Jeffrey Rikhotso

Dive in to see how Boys of Soweto fits are being styled within our community and beyond.


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