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Styling Happyville's Leather Jacket: Legacy Redefined

Happyville is an iconic apparel brand in 2017, founded by the dynamic Lebohang Serame and supported by Xola Mad. Happyville is a reflection of global nostalgic street culture. Yet, it stays unabashedly loyal to the Kwaito styles that defined the late 1990s and early 2000s.

© Happyville
Shot by: Jr Ecko | Model: Belinda Gwala

Enter the Maroon Leather Jacket. A creation inspired by the vintage silhouettes unearthed from the treasure troves of Joburg CBD's thrift stores. Launched in 2018, this jacket swiftly became an emblem of Happyville's dedication to timeless elegance and heritage. The medium-sized jacket, showcased in our image, speaks volumes of the brand's ethos.

But this narrative doesn't end at maroon. Over the years, this jacket has adorned a spectrum of shades, each reflecting a distinct story. Today, we're diving into this vibrant palette, exploring the multitude of colours it has graced, and witnessing how individuals, each unique in their spirit, style them.

In the halls of Happyville, leather jackets transcend clothing; they become living narratives. Whether crafted from premium faux leather or genuine leather's authentic charm, each jacket promises to be a testament to time and tales.


With Happyville's leather jackets, you're not just wearing apparel; you're adorning a mosaic of stories and styles.


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