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Sonia Tona was Created To Create

When diving into the realm of the Blacksmith Collective's "Created To Create" series, one can't help but be taken by the reimaginative creativity of Sonia Tona. Her invitation into her imaginative universe offers a refreshing take on fashion and design.

"I find magic in reimagining what's old and giving it new life."

A designer, content creator and a true testament to creative reimagination; Sonia's distinct flair for clothing design has set her apart in the world of fashion. “I find magic in reimagining what's old and giving it new life,” she says. This ethos shines through her designs, where she masterfully recontextualises old clothes and diverse materials into completely new pieces. A childlike wonder and playful style characterise her works, whether it's her designs or her genius at directing photoshoots, curating social media content, or providing overarching creative guidance.

Sonia's intuitive creativity often leads her down unexpected paths. Recounting an interaction with Puma, she shared, "I pitched a daring idea they weren't ready for. Yet, they sent off cuts as a gesture of support." This challenge didn't deter Sonia but spurred her imagination further, prompting her to craft a unique couch from the provided offcuts.

Her collaboration with TFG is another testament to her boundless creativity. Entrusted with denim, Sonia didn't just meet the brief; she redefined it. "The campaign was about me, and I envisioned more than just clothes. I envisioned a story," she says. Drawing from her innate sewing prowess, she pitched a full denim backdrop, which intricately weaves the narrative of her journey. Further personalising the campaign, Sonia incorporated her affection for vintage polaroids into her design. A specially crafted jacket became a memorabilia holder, preserving polaroids from the campaign and her inaugural work trip, ensuring that the experience had a tangible, lasting imprint.


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Celebrating Creativity with the Blacksmith Culture Collective

We are continually in pursuit of celebrating the rich artistic tapestry of South Africa and beyond. Through the "Created To Create" initiative, they laud individuals like Sonia who redefine the contours of creativity and inspire others with their unparalleled vision.

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