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Beats & Bubbles at Play Energy Drink's #ShePlays Launch Event

The event itself was a high-energy spectacle, with Play Energy Drink curating an electrifying atmosphere that perfectly complemented the spirit of #ShePlays.

Play Energy Drink #ShePlays

Empowering Female DJs through #ShePlays

We had the privilege of collaborating with Play Energy Drink for their annual #ShePlays Launch event, celebrating the exceptional talent of female DJs across South Africa. This pioneering initiative not only amplifies the voices of women in the music industry but also ignites a movement that challenges gender norms within the music industry and inspires others to pursue their passion.


Innovative 360-Degree Experience

To elevate the experience, Play Energy Drink sought our creative input for a captivating 360-degree camera installation. Our team devised an ingenious concept that paid homage to the effervescent nature of Play Energy Drink's products. We incorporated a bubble machine, bubble guns, and suspended colourful ball pit balls and cans from the ceiling, creating an immersive and interactive 360-degree environment that embodied the brand's vibrant essence.


The Play Energy Drink #ShePlays Launch Aftermovie


Dynamic Visuals & Cultural Immersion

Throughout the event, our skilled photographers and videographers worked tirelessly to document every electrifying moment. The result was a stunning collection of 292 content pieces, including a dynamic aftermovie, 160 press images of the DJs, and 130 breathtaking still photographs that captured the energy, passion, and talent of the #ShePlays DJs.



Breaking Barriers on Stage

These remarkable women took centre stage, commanding the decks with their exceptional skills and inspiring the audience with their unyielding determination. They were not merely performing; they were revolutionising the music scene, shattering stereotypes, and paving the way for future generations of female artists.


For brands seeking to elevate their presence and tap into the power of culture-driven content, our work on #ShePlays serves as a testament to our capabilities. We are a collective that understands the nuances of experiences, the importance of cultural authenticity, and the art of captivating audiences through diverse mediums.



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