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Oliver Pohorille was Created To Create

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Hello, I am Oliver Hunter Pohorille, also known as @SCUMBOY.69, a 3D designer and creative director. My creations draw inspiration from the vibrant blend of individuals, cultures, music, and fashion that surround me daily.

Oliver Pohorille
© Oliver Pohorille

Guided by my fascination with technology, I construct intricate imaginary worlds through my craft, constantly evolving my skills and personal style. Join me as I showcase my creativity and take you on a journey through the captivating realms of 3D art.

Oliver Pohorille
© Oliver Pohorille
Puma South Africa Extent Nitro (2022)

Commissioned by Puma, this artwork envisions a world where the Puma Extent Nitro sneakers thrive, becoming an integral part of an entire universe. In my creations, I love to weave stories and narratives that transcend time and space, making them more than just standalone pieces.

Scum Boy 69 x Nike Air Max ‘97 25th Anniversary Silver Bullet × Lemkus (2022)

A celebration of the Nike Air Max 97 silver bullet's 25th anniversary, this piece allowed me to unleash my creativity and craft something unique. Commissioned by Lemkus for Nike, the artwork also features the sound crafted by my talented friend, Bia.

Oliver Pohorille
© Oliver Pohorille
GOOD BOY (2022)

This striking piece came to life simply because I thought it was visually captivating. Depicting a mechanical alien dominatrix, playfully addressing the viewer as a "good boy," it's a fusion of fantasy and bold artistry.


Commissioned for the launch of Paco Rabanne's perfume, Phantom, this artwork explores the harmonious coexistence of technology and nature. It showcases the captivating intersection of two seemingly contrasting elements.

Oliver Pohorille
© Oliver Pohorille
McQueen (2022)

A deeply personal creation inspired by Alexander McQueen's SS 2001 fashion show, which left a lasting impact on me when I first watched it at 15 years old. Through this artwork, I sought to recreate that enchanting world, where fashion and imagination intertwine.


Thank you for joining me on this 3D journey through imaginative realms. My passion for blending art, technology, and storytelling continues to fuel my creative spirit. Let the worlds I've crafted ignite your imagination, and may you find inspiration in the limitless possibilities of 3D design.


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