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Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Hey everyone, I'm Farai Engelbrecht, also known as Samurai Farai (@samurai_farai). As a contemporary artist from South Africa, I find my inspiration in the rich culture and dynamics of this intricate space. Beyond being an artist, I am a curator, gallery founder, and art dealer, fully immersed in the world of creativity.

Samurai Farai
Capturing the Intricacies of Humanity

My artistic journey revolves around capturing the intricacies of people in society. I delve into the subtle interactions and nuances between individuals, exploring the underlying emotions, psychology, and spirituality that define us as human beings. One of the significant themes in my work is mental health and the various facets of our identities. Through vibrant, bold colours and expressive lines, I aim to convey an optimistic and childlike hope in my art. I strongly believe that art has the power to initiate conversations and shed light on the multiple versions of ourselves that coexist within us. Let's take a closer look at some of my recent artworks.

Samurai Farai
The African Market Place ©2023
Samurai Farai
Body Language ©2023
Samurai Farai
Conversations About Colour ©2023
Samurai Farai
The Colour of Vulnerability ©2022
Samurai Farai
Samurai Farai x Mercedes Benz South Africa ©2022

Through my art, I strive to offer a glimpse into the intricate tapestry of humanity. By exploring themes such as mental health, identity, and the power of colour, I hope to spark conversations and encourage viewers to embrace their own complexities. Join me on this artistic journey as we celebrate the vibrant creative and cultural scenes of South Africa and beyond. Together, we can appreciate and recognise the extraordinary talents that surround us.


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