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🇿🇦 to the World: EA Sports FC 24 Official Soundtrack

Within the realm of soccer, where every footstep, every cheer, and every goal reverberates with passion, EA Sports FC 24—previously celebrated as FIFA—unveils a thrilling orchestral journey. A game that lets you don your digital cleats and step onto the world's grandest footballing stages is now elevating its sonic game.

© EA Sports FC 24
© EA Sports FC 24

As your trusted guide in the world of avant-garde artistry and creativity, we are all eyes, and ears—and we believe you should be too. Recognised not only for its ability to simulate the magic of football but also for curating soundtracks that serenade the soul, EA Sports has carved an impressive niche. The numbers don't lie: with over 325 million copies sold, the game's beats have echoed in countless corners.

This year, the soundtrack exudes a distinctive South African vibrance, a testament to the nation's rich cultural palette. Imagine the infectious rhythm of Major League Djz & Major Lazor's take on Brenda Fassie's 'Vuli Ndlela', reimagined into the amapiano sensation “Mamgobhozi”. Feel the summer rays in Zakes Bantwini and Kasango's "Osama", and the energetic alt-pop pulse of Durban's gem, Baby Queen's "We Can Do Anything". This is just a glimpse of the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, a symphony that transcends boundaries.

So, as EA Sports FC 24 gears up for its September 29 release (if you didn't pre-order it for September 22 early release), we invite you to jump in this global musical spectacle. Over a hundred artists are lending their voices, ensuring that the world of football is as much a feast for the ears as it is for the eyes.


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