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Get Ready for Comic Con Cape Town 2024!

Gear up, Cape Town! Comic Con is back with a fresh twist that's set to electrify your 2024. Mark your calendars for five exhilarating days, from Saturday, April 27th to Wednesday, May 1st.

Comic Con Cape Town 2024

Get ready for the iconic Comic Con spirit daily from 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. Get ready to meet your favourite celebs, snag autographs, capture moments in photos, shop till you drop, and soak up the quintessential Comic Con magic.


And there's more in store! On Monday and Tuesday, the fun doesn't stop as we push the boundaries from 11 AM to 8 PM. Expect new, never-before-seen activities at Comic Con Cape Town that will transform your evenings starting at lunch.


Comic Con Cape Town is a vibrant celebration of diversity, welcoming everyone regardless of cultural background, physical abilities, or personal identity. It's a playground of self-expression, where you can immerse yourself in the realms of your beloved fandoms and the pulsating heart of pop culture.






Enjoy a comprehensive gaming experience at Comic Con Cape Town with free-to-play zones, tournaments, and top eSports events. Shop for merch from popular game titles and engage in unprecedented gaming experiences.


Celebrate the vibrant cosplay community at Comic Con, a welcoming space for self-expression and showcasing colorful heroes. Comic Con is a fun event for everyone, enhancing cities with its lively atmosphere.


Artist Alley is the core of Comic Con, showcasing local and international artists. Here, you can admire, buy, or commission comic book art, original pieces, fan fiction, and more. It's a hub for fans to connect over art and techniques.


StreetCon combines pop culture with street culture, featuring shopping for pop culture-inspired gear and showcasing street artists. It includes an outdoor stage and a graffiti zone where local artists paint their visions of the CON.


Ready yourself for tabletop gaming, with free-to-play campaigns for classics like Dungeons & Dragons and exclusive deals on new expansions. It offers a unique offline experience complemented by excellent shopping options.


KidsCon provides a captivating and interactive environment for children with character meet-and-greets, immersive experiences, and shopping for cool kids' stuff. It's a family-friendly zone that’s part of the Comic Con ticket.




Be inspired by an array of comic artists, content creators, urban artists, and animators. Step into the gaming world, rub shoulders with TV and film stars, and discover unique fandom gear and artwork. It's the perfect spot for families to bond over shared passions and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Join us at Comic Con Cape Town for a weekend packed with memories to last a lifetime, all shared with friends and family. Don’t miss out on an experience that’s sure to be a highlight of your year!


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