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Unlock Your Free Pass to the Nike Well Festival 2024

This weekend, on 13 April 2024, Johannesburg is gearing up for Nike's Well Festival debut, taking place at 93 Carr Street, Newtown.

Nike Well Festival 2024

A Fresh Take on Wellness: The Nike Well Festival Debut

The event is a full-day celebration from 9 am to 9 pm, dedicated to promoting wellness through movement, mindfulness, and sound, under the guidance of the Nike Well Collective. The festival is designed to challenge and change the traditional views on wellness, creating an open and inviting space for participants to embark on or continue their wellness journey.

Nike Well Festival 2024

Diverse Activities for Every Wellness Journey

The festival will be bustling with an array of activities designed to cater to various interests and aspects of wellness. From the moment the gates open, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in unique workouts crafted by the experts from the Nike Well Collective, including group exercises and Amapiano Step classes.


Wellness Beyond Workouts: Mindfulness & Nutrition at the Festival

Moreover, the event will offer rejuvenating experiences such as massage therapies, artistic sessions focused on physical therapy through colouring, and workshops on creating essential oils and candles within the serene setting of the Nike Sanctuary. For those drawn to mindfulness and meditation, the festival provides a variety of sessions including sound meditation, Tai Chi, Chroma Yoga, and even Hip Hop meditation. Nutrition enthusiasts will be treated to experiences like a forage meal and workshops on cultivating personal gardens for improved nutrition. The festival also promotes community through activities like "The Pack" ramp runs and engaging live podcast discussions with Gugu Nyantsumba.

Nike Well Festival 2024

Celebrity Guests & Wellness Experts Unite

The festival will host a lineup of notable personalities from the Nike Well Collective, including Banessa Tseki, Tarryn Alberts, Mbali Shongwe, among others, collaborating with experts in wellness lifestyles and mindfulness to deliver a comprehensive wellness experience. This festival aligns with Nike's broader vision introduced with the launch of the Nike Well Collective in March, which brings together Nike trainers, coaches, DJs, community leaders, presenters, and wellness professionals to support individuals on their wellness journeys. By presenting a rich palette of activities and experiences, the Nike Well Festival encourages all to participate and discover new dimensions of wellness.



93 Carr Street Newtown, Johannesburg



  1. Dress like you’re going to move to music. Remember, it’s a festival.

  2. No need to bring food or drinks. We’ve got you.

  3. We’ll also feed your soul, so keep an open mind.

  4. We suggest taking a ride-hailing service.

  5. Get there early to experience as much as possible. Doors open at 9am.

  6. Remember to book your sessions using this site.

  7. The day will be filled with many things to do. Just do what makes you happy.

  8. We will take care of safety and security. So you can relax and immerse yourself in each experience.

  9. If you have any other questions drop us a mail at


Be Part of the Movement: How to Join the Nike Well Festival

Free tickets for the Nike Well Festival are available here, simply book your slot, whilst slots last!

Nike Well Festival 2024

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