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Everyday Stories, Rewriting Realities: Enter The World of Cedric Nzaka

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

In a world filled with complexity and wonder, Cedric Nzaka sets out on a mission to document something new, draw inspiration from the ordinary, showcase magic, and be intentional with his art. With a deep admiration for the culture of fashion and a desire to see souls expressed through fabric, he finds beauty in the uniqueness of everyday people. Through his art, Cedric rewrites the world by capturing true faces and their fashion, portraying them as the works of art they truly are.

© Cedric Nzaka
© Cedric Nzaka
Discovering Beauty in the Ordinary

Cedric Nzaka's artistic journey begins with a fascination for the ordinary. Instead of seeking out extravagant subjects or elaborate settings, he chooses to focus on everyday people in their everyday places, capturing their stories as they unfold naturally. He sees a hidden charm in the simplicity of daily life, where authentic emotions and experiences are waiting to be documented.

© Cedric Nzaka
© Cedric Nzaka
The Art of Fashion

One of Cedric's passions lies in exploring the culture of fashion. To him, clothing becomes a vessel through which individuals express their souls and defy societal norms. He believes that true artistry lies not in masking one's natural state but in enhancing and celebrating it. By showcasing people in their genuine fashion, Cedric aims to bring to light the beauty that resides in each person, regardless of societal standards.

© Cedric Nzaka
© Cedric Nzaka
Seeing Souls in Every Face

For Cedric, every person he encounters is a unique work of art. He views the human face as a canvas on which the soul is portrayed, etched in flesh and fleeting like the work of an ice sculptor. Through his lens, he captures the raw beauty and endless inspiration found in the faces of his subjects. Each line, curve, and expression tells a story that deserves to be shared with the world.


In a world that often overlooks the ordinary, Cedric's art reminds us to cherish the simplicity and beauty that surround us. He encourages us to rewrite our perceptions of the world, finding inspiration and magic in the seemingly mundane aspects of life. So, let us embrace the everyday and celebrate the artistry that lies within each of us, just as Cedric Nzaka does through his lens and his story.


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