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Freezing Time: Stephen Obi's Journey Through the Lens

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Meet Stephen Obi, a young and talented creative whose journey began 8 years ago when he picked up his first camera. Born in Nigeria and raised in South Africa, Stephen, formerly known as Stephen Ubaka Obi-Emedo, quickly fell in love with the art of freezing moments in time, capturing the essence of life, the raw emotions, and most importantly, the captivating beauty of Africa.

© Stephen Obi
© Stephen Obi
Reshaping Narratives Beyond The Shutter

Each click of his camera serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication and drive to showcase the joy and beauty that resides within every person he has the privilege to capture. Through his lens, he weaves stories that celebrate the richness of African culture and its people.

© Stephen Obi
© Stephen Obi
African Beauty Immortalized

Stephen Obi's work goes beyond just taking pictures; it's an expression of his artistic vision and a means to challenge prevailing stereotypes about African communities. He believes in using his creative ability as a powerful tool to reshape the narrative surrounding African individuals and portray them in their true light, breaking away from the misconceptions that have long overshadowed their true essence.


Let Stephen Obi's work challenge your perceptions, evoke your emotions, and remind you of the profound beauty that exists within the continent of Africa and its people. Each photograph is a testament to his artistic vision, an ode to the beauty of Africa, and a reminder that creativity can be a potent instrument for positive change.


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