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Tracksuit Mafia, Young Stilo Better Know

Through his lens, Young Stilo, speaks to the cultural and urban pulse that resonates deeply with us here at Blacksmith Culture Collective. He doesn’t just capture images; he crafts a visual narrative that tells stories of spirited individuals like Major League DJs and the late Riky Rick. His work is a documentation of modern-day icons (himself included) bringing both their visibility and their spirit into a tangible form.

In becoming a part of the cultural wave initiated by Skepta, Stilo celebrates the tracksuit, an outfit that 'says no more' with grime culture. Skepta transformed tracksuits into a symbol of cool and, with it, orchestrated a revival of grime’s image and spirit. This isn't just clothing; it's a uniform, a statement, and a rallying cry rolled into one. The Tracksuit Mafia was thus forged.

The Tracksuit Mafia embodies a blend of defiance and authenticity, using the tracksuit not merely as attire but as a symbol of rebellion against aesthetic norms and an assertion of their own urban roots. It's a movement that acknowledges the street, its struggle, and its unembellished reality, and it stands opposed to external expectations and established norms.

With the assembly of the Tracksuit Mafia, Young Stilo brings to life this unbridled, gritty spirit of grime. He doesn’t just photograph them; he documents a raw, unapologetic reality that stands testament to urban music and its cultural echelons, one in which we absorb and resonate with as a form of expressions. Through artists like Stilo, we continue our journey, creating platforms where stories of cultural defiance are not just told, but are also celebrated and preserved.


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