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uSanele Resurfaces with CNR. JUTA Single

After a 3-year hiatus, South African hip-hop pioneer uSanele has re-emerged from the shadows with new single CNR. JUTA. Just as Kanye escapes to obscure locations like Saudi deserts or secluded ranches seeking inspiration, uSanele's time away seems to have sparked his creative flame once again.

uSanele CNR Juta

The track itself pays homage to Braamfontein's vibrant street culture that first nurtured uSanele's artistry years back. Through slick references to fashion and slang, he proudly reps his city over a smooth, atmospheric beat. The song's title CNR. Juta refers to the intersection where uSanele left a massive impact on the local scene.

Fellow taste-making MCs PUMAS+ROSES and Certified Genius join uSanele on the track, adding their own Braam-centric bars. Their back-and-forth exchange highlights what makes the neighbourhood such a melting pot for South African hip-hop.


Much like Kanye's album "808s & Heartbreak" nodded to Hawaii's area code, uSanele gets hyperlocal in his ode to Braam. It's a full-circle creative moment as his career comes back to where it all started.

uSanele CNR Juta
And this single is just the beginning. uSanele revealed he has a new album, titled uSANELEIGHOST, dropping imminently. Judging by this first infectious taste, his signature next-level production and flow seem stronger than ever after years away from the booth.

uSanele's retreat from rap now comes full circle with a triumphant return just like Kanye emerging from obscurity. If "CNR. JUTA" sets the tone, his ghostly alter ego has plenty left in the creative tank to impact the culture once again, and we're fully here for it.


Crew Credit

Director & Edit: @_christiandiordior _

Car Grip: @katlego3211

Additional Styling: @soreselesu

Sound FX & Final Mix: @itskenjay__

Colorist: @lordnelle


Find him on: Instagram

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