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Uber's Next Venture: An errand service tentatively named "Uber Chore"

Uber, widely recognised for its ride-sharing and delivery services, is now steering towards a new domain. A recent disclosure suggests that the tech giant is dabbling in the task-service arena, a space familiar to those who've used TaskRabbit. For the uninitiated, TaskRabbit connects users with local freelancers ready to help with everyday tasks.

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Insights from Bloomberg indicate that Uber's new feature, aptly termed "Chore," is in the works. Steve Moser, who delved into Uber's iOS app code, unveiled the blueprint for this service. "Chore" aims to facilitate users in enlisting 'taskers' for various errands. Much like TaskRabbit, customers would delineate the specific chore, schedule the tasker's visit, and be given an estimated fee before confirmation.

While the nature of the tasks remains under wraps, Moser hinted that engagements would be billed by the hour, with a one-hour minimum. Despite all signs pointing to this new venture, Uber remains tight-lipped about "Chore." Whether it emerges as a full-blown service or fades away behind the scenes, only time will tell.

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