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The Best African COLORSXSTUDIOS Performances

COLORSXSTUDIOS paints a vibrant canvas of rich hues and melodies, bringing together the vivid colours of diverse talents from all corners of the world. We’re taking it deep into the heart of African rhythms, as we present 10 of our favourite performances from this our continent. COLORS doesn't just showcase distinctive new artists; it celebrates the most original and resonant sounds amidst an ever-expanding musical landscape. Every COLORS show is a masterstroke of simplicity, creating a minimalistic stage where the artist and their artistry are in full focus, allowing them to share their musical stories without any distractions. Let's experience the kaleidoscope of sounds and shades.


1. Sho Madjozi - John Cena

Experience the dynamism of 'John Cena' through South African star Sho Madjozi's performance.


2. ByLwansta - Lindiwe

Durban's ByLwansta showcases his Eminem-esque storytelling in a powerful rendition of "Lindiwe" from his NORMVL mixtape.


3. Bongeziwe Mabandla - sisahleleleni (i)

Anticipating the May 5th launch of ‘amaXesha’, South African singer @BongeziweMabandla showcased ‘sisahleleleni (i)’ on the COLORS platform.


4. Sjava - Umama

Johannesburg's own Sjava dedicates 'Umama', from his album 'Umqhele', to his mother in a touching tribute, produced by Mace.


5. Yugen Blakrok - Morbid Abakus

South African hip-hop sensation, Yugen Blakrok electrifies the stage with ‘Morbid Abakus’ from ‘Anima Mysterium’ album.


6. Rema - Fame

Rema, the Nigerian sensation, is back with a COLORS ENCORE, unveiling a previously unheard freestyle, "Fame," produced by Woodpecker.


7. Tiwa Savage - Attention

‘Attention’ takes center stage as Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage offers a breathtaking rendition.


8. Victony - Many Man

Nigerian artist Victony delivers an uplifting message in his single, ‘Many Man’.


9. Fatoumata Diawara - Nterini

From her 2018 album "Fenfo," Malian artist Fatoumata Diawara delivers a heartfelt performance of 'Nterini'.


10. Kojey Radical - Cashmere Tears

The title-track 'Cashmere Tears' from his 2019 album is brilliantly performed by the British-Ghanaian musican, Kojey Radical.


The sonic brilliance of Africa stands as a testament to the continent's rich heritage and unparalleled musical depth. COLORSXSTUDIOS has masterfully curated a tapestry of sounds, where the unique cadences of African melodies shine brightest. It is a journey into the soul of a continent, showcasing the undiluted essence of its sounds. Truly, the African rhythm is not just music; it's a heartbeat echoing through generations, and COLORSXSTUDIOS captures its essence flawlessly.

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