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The New Originals FW23 Scout Camp Lookbook

Born in the heart of Amsterdam in 2015, The New Originals crafts attire that accentuates individualism. A garment from TNO isn’t just clothing; it's an anthem of uniqueness, an ode to every creative soul out there. This brand believes in an unbounded, expansive way of thinking—giving wings to creative spirits regardless of where they come from. This philosophy of thinking "outside the box" isn't just words; it's a bridge they've constructed, connecting myriad backgrounds and fostering creativity.

Their journey began in 2011 with a tight-knit group of friends curating a shared passion for fashion, design, and music. Later, they made waves in Amsterdam's vibrant nightlife with their signature TNO SoundSystem parties. The inception of TNO in 2015 by pioneers Rizky Lasahido, Maru Asmellash, and Eben Badu was just the start; today, it stands tall as a renowned brand.

The New Originals
Shot by: Yaeesh Dollie in South Africa (2023)

Their emblematic 9-Dots logo, reminiscent of a vintage puzzle, encapsulates their ethos: when tasked with linking all dots using just four lines, the solution lies outside the conventional square. This essence of thinking beyond boundaries is deeply ingrained in their identity.

But TNO isn't confined to attire alone. Its roots delve deep into Amsterdam's cultural mosaic, embracing various art forms like music, art, fashion, and more. Their impressive portfolio boasts not only partnerships with artists and musicians but also collaborations with cultural institutions. And who could forget their iconic TNO Milkshake Farmers or the annual musical fest, SMIB X TNO Fest?


This collection is a lyrical tribute to outdoor life's resilience and collective joy. In our fast-paced, indoor-centric lives, TNO prompts us to find solace in nature's embrace. Scout Camp draws from the scouting spirit, weaving tales of honour, community, and the wisdom of the wilderness. Each piece echoes self-dependence, fellowship, and an undying bond with nature.

It's an exploration of graphics and styles, a nod to camping essentials and survival strategies, with classics like Freddy embroidery getting a fresh twist. Dive into this collection and discover innovation in knit and outerwear. Embrace the outside; embrace the original with The New Originals.


Find them on:

Their website


Find them on:

Their website

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