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The Inscrutable Collages of Troy Browne

In the cavernous depths of art, where shapes, shades, and strangeness converges, we find the inscrutable collages of Troy Browne – a space where faces unravel yet stories weave together, enveloped by a delicate, albeit intentionally chaotic, balance between deformation and design. The open mouths, those bastions of unhinged expressions, reveal unsettling grins, frightening and fascinating in their stark revelation, becoming spectral reflections of souls intertwined with melancholy and mockery.

© Troy Browne
© Troy Browne

Born in Nottingham, UK, and a digital artist of international repute, Troy's idiosyncratic style propels collaborations across the globe, even with some of the world's most behemoth brands. Troy's creations, mostly reflecting the vibrancy and vicissitudes of the black community, imbue a cubist charisma into every assemblage. Faces, fashioned from squared-off cutouts, jostle against glaringly vivacious backgrounds, their elements disheveled yet somehow holding onto the semblance of a visage, even as eyes often vanish under graphic sign, surrendering their real expression to the abyss.

Hidden within the grotesque elegance of Browne's work is a cavalcade of sarcasm interwoven with crisp references to American pop culture, its fabric textured by the sinister yet enthralling grotesquery reminiscent of director Chris Cunningham. Yet, it leaps further, into a graffiti aesthetic that, while seemingly an anarchic assembly of cut-out silhouettes, conceals beneath its chaos a shrewdly curated symmetry.

"Digital scissors in perpetual motion, he crafts collages that dance between chaos and calm, creases and clarity."

The world of Troy Browne is one where ‘cool’ is a woefully inadequate descriptor. Digital scissors in perpetual motion, he crafts collages that dance between chaos and calm, creases and clarity. His decade-long dalliance with motion design breathes kinetic life into each piece, guiding your gaze in a deliberate dance across forms and folds, between reality and abstraction. He stretches, compresses, and contorts photographs into dynamic, surrealist panoramas that have seduced an array of clients, from Sony Music to the BBC.

His mixed media design style, distinctive and daring, honours everything culturally and creatively that we stand for, the perpetual motion of becoming part of the boundless narratives encrypted in every deformed grin and every obscured eye. And so, the story unwinds, from Troy, through us, to you.


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