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The Disruptive & Dynamic: David Blaq

Within the realm of South African photography, one name emerges with disruptive brilliance: David "Blaq" Motsomotso. A young talent, whose unconventional flair has etched his name into the annals of creative excellence, championing a vision for a futuristic, imaginative Africa.

© David Blaq
© David Blaq

Born from the heart of his township, David's profound understanding of his homeland and Africa at large paints every photograph with a deep cultural resonance. His innovation doesn't just capture a moment; it tells a story.

© David Blaq
© David Blaq

Over the years, Motsomotso's expertise has stretched beyond mere photography. Wearing hats as a creative director, lighting instructor, and digitech technician, David has woven his magic with brands like Netflix, Jameson, Samsung, and Coach New York, to name just a few. It’s not just his unique style but his sharp acumen that’s had premier international agencies and renowned creative outfits clamouring for his collaboration.

© David Blaq
© David Blaq

Yet, it's not all business for Motsomotso. Fuelled by passion, he’s also extended his visionary tendrils into academia. Leading educational institutions have sought his prowess to curate immersive photography workshops, illuminating the path for budding artists.

In essence, David's touch has been everywhere. In the dynamic world of creativity, every second influential image or production has David Motsomotso’s imprints on it. A beacon in the South African creative and culture, his journey so far attests the transformative power of art.


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