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Spooky Style: Our Favourite Fomo Fridays Halloween Costumes

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

As Halloween wraps up for another year, we find ourselves reminiscing over the creative and inspired costumes that brought so much joy during the spooky season. From pop culture icons to classic monsters, Fomo Fridays Halloween 'Asylum' photos highlight the most fun and festive looks that encapsulated the Halloween spirit.

Fomo Fridays Halloween

It's clear a lot of thought and effort went into these standout costumes, whether crafting unique outfits from scratch or putting fun twists on more traditional ones. The imaginative looks and attention to detail are fantastic.

Fomo Fridays Halloween

Though Halloween has come and gone in a flash, the ingenious costumes and infectious spirit of the holiday will stay with us. We won't soon forget the spectacular outfits that celebrated the season in style.


Skillful shots from photographers @shotsbymattyaugust, @dat_guy_tee & @downtownthabz memorably capture each costume's vibrancy and magic.

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