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Blacksmith Collective's Journey with the Standard Bank '10% at a Time' Campaign

Updated: Jan 23

Reflecting on our work with Standard Bank for the "10% at a Time" campaign, Blacksmith Creative Collective is thrilled to have played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life. Our expertise in community and content creation, particularly in videography and photography, allowed us to capture the campaign's essence and ethos brilliantly.

Standard Bank 10% at a time

The heart of the campaign revolved around the idea that ambition fuels success, but it's a journey of persistence, taken one step at a time – precisely, 10% at a time. The primary goal was to create a content campaign that resonated with young audiences while showcasing Standard Bank's wide range of savings and investment products.

Blacksmith Creative Collective accomplished an impressive feat by producing over 300 engaging content pieces within just one 14-hour shooting day.

For the "10% at a Time" campaign with Standard Bank, Blacksmith Creative Collective accomplished an impressive feat by producing over 300 diverse and engaging content pieces. What's even more remarkable is that all this material was created within just one 14-hour shooting day, highlighting our team's exceptional ability to deliver high-quality content under tight schedules.

Standard Bank 10% at a time

Our involvement was comprehensive, covering every aspect of the production process. This included casting, location scouting, and management, right down to the finer details of lighting, sound design, styling, props, and set design. We carefully crafted five unique scenes, each with its distinct look and compelling story, even incorporating 3D animations for the campaign's endboard and iconic visuals.


In our strategic approach to the "10% at a Time" campaign for Standard Bank, Blacksmith Creative Collective thoughtfully selected a diverse cast, each with unique influence in their respective niches, ensuring the campaign would resonate across various audiences.

Standard Bank 10% at a time

Teddy Goodfella, known as the "Minister of Cape Town," brought broad appeal with his all-around entertainment skills. Nkuley Masemola, a prominent figure in South African fashion and Johannesburg's nightlife, added a stylish and vibrant touch, connecting with fashion-conscious youth.

Standard Bank 10% at a time

Melissa Willis, a Cape Town-based fashion and health content creator, was a perfect fit for the campaign's themes of personal growth, appealing to lifestyle and wellness enthusiasts.

Standard Bank 10% at a time

Xavier Haupt, a former sportsman turned social media sensation, contributed a youthful and energetic vibe, striking a chord with a digitally-savvy audience through his music and viral TikTok content.

Standard Bank 10% at a time

Lastly, Karabo Mahapa, a humorous TikTok star with a background in accounting, brought relatability and humour to the campaign, particularly engaging young professionals and students.


This campaign stands as a testament to Blacksmith Creative Collective's versatility and capability. We didn't just capture Standard Bank's vision; we amplified it through our creative lens, producing a comprehensive suite of content that directly speaks to the aspirations and realities of today's youth. Our role in this campaign underscores our position as leaders in content creation, adept at turning corporate visions into compelling visual narratives.


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