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Sony’s portable PlayStation Portal launches later this year for ±R3,700.00

Sony is set to release the PlayStation Portal remote player later this year, a handheld device designed for streaming PS5 games over Wi-Fi. It boasts an eight-inch LCD screen with 1080p resolution at 60fps. This gadget is priced at $199.99 (approximately R3,697.81).

This device allows users to seamlessly transition from their PS5 to the PlayStation Portal using Wi-Fi, according to Hideaki Nishino, SVP of platform experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment. It plays games installed on your PS5 and is compatible with the DualSense controller.

The PlayStation Portal has integrated controllers resembling the PS5 DualSense. These controllers are equipped with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, ensuring the PS5 gaming feel remains intact. While the device can stream media, it won't operate without Wi-Fi.

Interestingly, the PlayStation Portal, priced at $199.99 (around R3,697.81), won't support Sony’s future cloud streaming for PS5 games. Users need a minimum of 5Mbps internet speed, but Sony suggests 15Mbps for optimal performance.

Though it lacks Bluetooth capabilities, the device utilizes the new PlayStation Link wireless technology, promising low latency and high-quality audio. Sony will also introduce a headset and earbuds compatible with PlayStation Link.

Previously dubbed Project Q, the PlayStation Portal was announced in May, with whispers of a November release. The exact release date remains under wraps, but the price stands at $199.99 (R3,697.81).


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