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SHIGOTO IFUKU: The Selvedge Sanctuary

Dreamt up by Rodney Mudzengerere, SHIGOTO IFUKU is more than just a clothing store—it's a mecca for denim aficionados. Let's delve into Rodney's love affair with vintage denim and his dedication to immaculate craftsmanship, particularly in Japanese labels.

Rodney Mudzengerere | Founder of SHIGOTO IFUKU

Primarily featuring pristine, second-hand selvedge denims and untouched nudie jeans, SHIGOTO IFUKU's curated selection also includes gently-worn boots. But that's not all; the store has expanded its portfolio by launching its homegrown brand—SHIGOTO IFUKU, which translates to "work clothes."

Stepping into the physical space feels like a personalised journey for each shopper. The atmosphere, meticulously crafted, enhances the customer experience, showcasing the thoughtful design elements that have gone into creating this intimate retail environment.


But Rodney’s vision surpasses mere commerce. At the core of his mission is the empowerment of young people from townships who aspire to similar dreams; by fostering their potential, he hopes to create a ripple effect of positive change.


SHIGOTO IFUKU embodies effortless fashion that doesn't shy away from making a powerful statement. The focus here is on the discerning consumer who appreciates the elegance of simplicity and the importance of quality. Every stitch, every hem, and every wash is executed with acute attention to detail, utilising only the finest materials.

From weekday formalities to weekend leisure, SHIGOTO IFUKU offers the versatility that suits every occasion, ensuring you always put your best foot forward. Immerse yourself in fashion that amplifies your unique voice and join the SHIGOTO IFUKU community—a collective that celebrates timeless elegance in every seam and stitch.


Find them on:

Their website

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