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Samkelo Boyde Xaba was Created To Create

Celebrating Creativity with the Blacksmith Culture Collective

We are continually in pursuit of celebrating the creativity of South African creatives and beyond. Through the "Created To Create" initiative, we laud individuals like Samkelo who redefine the contours of creativity and inspire others with their unparalleled vision.


In the world of fashion, every generation produces a designer that transcends trends to redefine style on their own terms. For contemporary African fashion, that designer is BOYDE. Helmed by founder Samkelo Boyde Xaba, BOYDE is spearheading a movement in luxury clothing that places sustainability, timelessness and cultural heritage at the forefront. If you know, you know—this is a brand that resonates deeply while never compromising boundary-pushing design.


BOYDE’s aesthetic reflects Xaba’s diverse influences, from modernist geometry to industrial architecture to African architectural history. This fusion creates fashion that feels utterly fresh yet profoundly grounded in rich culture. Unlike fleeting trend-chasers, BOYDE delivers a refined, sleek and minimalist look that can stand the test of time.

And the industry is taking notice. In just a few short years, BOYDE has racked up awards and collaborated with international fashion powerhouses like Converse and G-Star. Each clean, sculptural collection pushes African design to new heights while retaining a commitment to exceptional quality and wearability.


This trailblazing ethos culminates in BOYDE’s latest offering, “AFROMODERNISM.” The collection explores African structural aesthetics and Afrocentric heritage, reinterpreting these visual cues through a modern, minimalist lens. As Xaba states, “We wanted to showcase how Africa has been and continues disrupting architecture, art and design globally.”

Through this timeless alchemy of influences, BOYDE is establishing itself as a leader of the luxury movement. As the brand evolves, only expect more envelope-pushing expressions of Xaba’s creative vision.


BOYDE may fly under the radar for some now, but that won’t last long. Their distinct melding of culture and innovation positions the label for icon status in the coming years. BOYDE represents the cutting-edge of African luxury that fashion trailblazers will reminisce about decades from now. For those in the know, this is the future of elevated yet sustainable style.


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