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Tradition Meets Modernity in Salomon x Jah Jah's Collaboration

When Creative Studio Jah Jah shakes hands with Salomon, it's no ordinary partnership. Dive into a recent collaboration where artistic flair meets robust functionality. The result? A revamped Salomon ACS Pro, influenced by the powerful West African myths and legends.

© Salomon x Jah Jah
© Salomon x Jah Jah

At the heart of this campaign is the intriguing figure, “Kankourang.” Much more than a mythical being, he is the embodiment of unity, discipline, and spirituality in West African lore. Through him, we're introduced to the soulful adventure of a child on a spiritual quest.

From photo shoots to cinematography, the coastal commune of Yoff in Dakar becomes the canvas. This campaign doesn't just tell a story—it's a cinematic experience. It pulls viewers into a world where the tangible meets the mystical.

The limited-edition Salomon ACS Pro now dons a palette of Black, Chocolate, and High Risk Red. With a Kurim structure, breezy mesh upper, and Salomon's signature Quicklace system, it's where style meets substance. With Salomon's rich legacy rooted in the rugged terrains of the French Alps, the campaign visuals perfectly encapsulate this essence—a semi-rural landscape dappled with puddles, challenging yet befitting.

But what about Jah Jah? Founded by Coralie Jouhier and Daquisiline Gomis in 2017, what began as a Parisian Afro-vegan eatery has blossomed into a diverse community-driven venture. From Jahhiking to Jah Jah Travel, Jah Jah is more than just a brand—it's a movement. And while this isn't the first dance between Salomon and Jah Jah, each collaboration feels fresh, echoing the timeless tales and innovative spirit both brands embody.

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