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Bonnie, Clyde & Vice City: Rockstar Games GTA VI Trailer

After a premature leak, Rockstar Games has officially unveiled the next chapter in the acclaimed Grand Theft Auto franchise. The reveal trailer transports players back to the sun-soaked streets of the series' iconic Vice City setting when GTA VI launches in 2025.

Mere hours before Rockstar planned to debut the first GTA VI trailer, leaked footage found its way online. Rather than delay the reveal any further, Rockstar responded swiftly by publishing the trailer in full the same day.

While rumours had swirled for years, the trailer confirms GTA VI will be set in a reimagined version of Vice City, a vibrant fictional take on Miami. It also gives glimpses of the game's leading lady, a character named Lucia with a Bonnie and Clyde-style backstory. Lucia is shown getting up to no good with her partner in crime after an apparent stint behind bars.

Rockstar Games GTA VI

In a statement accompanying the trailer, Rockstar Games promises GTA VI will take players "to the state of Leonida, home to the neon-soaked streets of Vice City and beyond." They bill it as the most expansive entry yet in Rockstar's open world crime saga when it hits PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms in 2025.

Rockstar Games GTA VI

For fans who have eagerly awaited a new GTA story for nearly a decade since 2013's GTA V, the trailer suggests the wait will be well worth it. All the hallmarks that have defined the boundary-pushing franchise are evident - fast cars, intense shootouts, dramatic police chases, and no shortage of cash-fuelled excess.

While the brief trailer leaves many details still a mystery, it offers a small taste of the sun-drenched escapades on tap when GTA VI arrives in 2025, ten long years after its record-shattering predecessor changed the gaming landscape forever.

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