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Rendani Nemakhavhani was Created To Create

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Step into the vibrant and captivating world of Rendani Nemakhavhani (@prsdnt_honey), an immensely talented artist and illustrator who goes by the captivating moniker of PR$DNT HONEY. With a keen eye for the intricate patterns and lively essence of African heritage and design, Rendani's work serves as a striking celebration of cultural vibrancy. Every stroke of her brush and pencil intertwines with her deep-rooted inspiration, bringing forth mesmerising creations that effortlessly weave tradition and modernity.

Rendani Nemakhavhani
© Kgomotso Neto
Resilience in Colours: Rendani's Visual Language of Female Strength

At the heart of Rendani's artistic journey lies a profound mission—to empower and uplift women through her art. With unwavering dedication, she crafts pieces that speak volumes, illuminating the extraordinary essence of womanhood. Through her unique visual language, Rendani sheds light on the remarkable existence of women, leaving viewers in awe of their strength and resilience. Moreover, she fearlessly explores post-modern styles, pushing the boundaries of African design and embracing the evolution of artistic expression.

Rendani Nemakhavhani
Me and My Girls Tees ©2022
PR$DNT HONEY x Rich Mnisi "Me & My Girls"

My intention while creating the portrait was to ask the question of and about beauty. In Xitsonga, 'ximatsatsa' is a person who is thought to be beautiful. We live in a time where one can modify their natural features to be palatable to the taste of what is considered to be a more “commercial” standard of beauty. While all of this is possible, we’re also existing in a time where other people choose to define beauty in ways that are more unique to them. I’ve deliberately simplified the portrait to minimum (the most necessary) features. This leaves room for the audience to decide whether or not they want to modify the face to their standard of beauty or if the portrait is beautiful as it exists.

Rendani Nemakhavhani
Untitled ©2023

This artwork, created exclusively for Nike's Nike By You customisation platform, is a manifestation of my dreams and a contemplation of my place in the world.

Rendani Nemakhavhani
Untitled ©2020

This was a beautiful homecoming to my true self. I had momentarily abandoned my illustrations, questioning if this path truly belonged to me. However, a gentle voice within me urged me to reclaim my passion and purpose. And oh, how grateful I am that I heeded that call, for it led me back to where I truly belong.

Rendani Nemakhavhani
Project Salon ©2022

In 'Project Salon' I present my unique interpretation of the fusion between South African political posters and the captivating art styles found in African barbershops. Through my work, I aim to intertwine these diverse influences, creating a visual narrative that speaks to the intersection of politics and artistic expression.

Rendani Nemakhavhani
Indaba Is Album Cover ©2021

'Indaba Is' holds a special place in my heart as the most stunning cover I've ever created.

Rendani Nemakhavhani
Fire Power ©2021

"An ode to 'Black is beautiful' as well as myself," I passionately proclaim through my art, intertwining my personal journey and the empowering message of embracing one's own beauty. With every stroke and colour, I celebrate the resplendent essence of Blackness, weaving a tapestry of self-love and cultural pride.


Rendani's artistic path is a testament to the power of embracing one's heritage and fearlessly pushing artistic boundaries. With her unique visual language and intricate attention to detail, she brings forth an awe-inspiring celebration of African vibrancy, captivating the hearts and minds of art enthusiasts worldwide.


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