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Exploring emotional connections through music & fashion: The launch of PPC SOUND powered by Spotify Africa

PPC Sound Spotify Africa

A Fusion of Music & Fashion

On May 2nd, Pot Plant Club (PPC) hosted a platform called PPC SOUND powered by Spotify Africa. The goal was to explore the emotional connections between music and fashion, and how these artistic expressions can bring people together across boundaries and differences.


A Night of Electrifying Performances & Artistic Synergy

The evening featured electrifying live performances from artists; INTERNET GIRL, K.KEED. INTERNET GIRL & duo WORKAHOLICS. INTERNET GIRL, the fervently hyped band with a sound tailor-made for mass appeal. K.KEED, known for her cutting-edge, unorthodox flows, K.KEED brought her dynamic rhyme skills to the PPC SOUND stage, surely converting plenty of new fans along the way. Complementing the live music, a DJ set from duo, THE WORKAHOLICS, set a dynamic atmosphere correct.


Unveiling PPC's SOUND Collection

But PPC SOUND was more than just great music. It also celebrated the launch of Pot Plant Club's SOUND clothing collection, a stylish merch line created in collaboration with INTERNET GIRL, K.KEED, and THE WORKAHOLICS. The collection fused the worlds of music and fashion in Pot Plant Club's signature aesthetic.


Spotify Africa: Amplifying Africa's Music and Creative Talent

The event was powered by Spotify Africa, highlighting their support for the continent's buzzing music scene and the creatives who are driving it forward. As a platform that connects artists to fans around the world, Spotify understands the universal language of great tunes and fresh beats.


Art as a Medium for Change: The Impact of PPC SOUND

Through events like these, PPC and Spotify Africa are setting a precedent for how art can be a powerful medium for social change and connection. The PPC SOUND initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration in the arts, highlighting the potential to create impactful cultural experiences that resonate across continents.


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