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How Patta x FC Barcelona x Nike Stitch Together Generation

The persistent interplay of football and fashion drives on as through Patta x FC Barcelona. It is not merely a union of logos, but a celebration of historical and cultural symbiosis, echoed in every stitch and every pattern that dances across this vibrant collaboration.

Patta x FC Barcelona
© Patta

Patta, renowned for embodying football in fibres, ignites the spirits of streetwear and sport, whilst Barcelona - the bedrock of football fervour and fierce loyalty - pulsates through its Deep Royal Blue and Noble Red veins. This collection, however, is more than apparel; it's a cultural capsule and a historic exchange embroidered into wearable artistry, enlisting a limited-edition Nike Air Max Plus to mark the occasion.

"Patta has a long-standing history with football and football jerseys, and if you know us, you know that we only do things that are true to who we are, Amsterdam and Barcelona have been connected for generations, and modern football is still dominated by adaptations of the Dutch School. A long line of Dutch players transferred to FC Barcelona in their career, with many of these players sharing our Surinamese roots. All of this makes working with Nike on this collection a dream come true." - Guillaume Schmidt, Patta Co-Founder

Founded amidst the vibrant echoes of ‘90s hip-hop by Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt, Patta (Surinamese for "shoe") has metamorphosed from a sneaker store into a formidable presence in streetwear, gestating collaborations, curating its own brand, and crafting a community bound by unwavering loyalty.

Spanning jerseys, anthem jackets, pants, and more, for lifers and newcomers, this Patta x Barcelona collection bridges street and stadium, crafting a continuum for every supporter to don their passion boldly and unabashedly. Available come October 13th in Patta’s digital and physical stores, and set for global release via the Nike SNKRS app on the 16th. This collaboration invites us all to wear a piece of this enriched tapestry intertwining football, culture, and audacious fashion.


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