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Let’s 'Be' Together & sign up for Nike Be True: In Motion

Let’s tap into the flow where self-expression meets communal wellness, where our colours paint not just our flags but our spirits too. This weekend, we’re vibing on a wavelength that resonates with every hue of our beings, Nike's Be True 'In Motion'.

Nike Be True In Motion

In an epic handshake with Cnr Juta & De Beer and The Other Village People, this celebration situates itself in the heart of Victoria Yards, transforming it into a sanctum of inclusivity, conversations, and yes, jubilant celebrations from October 14th - 15th, 12 PM to 8 PM.


Day 1

Imagine being cocooned in conversations that stretch and morph, chaperoned by Lwazi Madonsela and Ayabonga Ngoma, amidst a powerhouse of creatives and activists, whispering tales of equality, community, and an unbridled sense of belonging. A symphony of voices, from visual maestro Haneem Christian to the athletic prowess of Kgothatso Montjane and Alyssa Conley, underpinned by the beats from ADAM 'The Glamour Clown' and Lelowhatsgood. It's a sensory envelopment where stories aren’t just told; they’re lived, breathed, and danced to.

Day 2

Now, this isn’t just an event; it's a metamorphosis where physicality and spirituality entwine, curated through art, sports, and well-being experiences. This day is a canvas painted with collective care, unity, and community, underpinned by the pulsating rhythms provided by DJs like Womlambo and Mamthug, and elevated by the ethereal voice of Thando Nje.

Nike Be True In Motion

Here's where you and I, we, forge our place, intertwining our essence with the vibrancy of Be True 'In Motion'. It's not just a gathering; it’s an affirmation, a collective nod to our diversities and similarities, cocooned in a space that allows us to simply ‘be.' And so, we're not just inviting you, we’re calling you to join this experience.


Let’s 'Be True,' and let’s 'Be' together.

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