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Introducing NASA+: A Unified Web Experience for All Space Enthusiasts!

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

NASA is launching NASA+, a cutting-edge app available on iOS, Android, web, and popular streaming boxes like Apple TV. Get ready for a captivating journey with Emmy award-winning live coverage and brand new original video series.

© Nasa +
© Nasa +

Nicky Fox, NASA's Associate Administrator, Science Mission Directorate, expressed the agency's ambition to showcase their groundbreaking discovery programs in a multidisciplinary way, forging stronger connections with visitors and viewers. Jeff Seaton, Chief Information Officer, emphasized the agency's commitment to modernizing its websites for a seamless user experience, making NASA's information accessible, discoverable, and secure.

With a vision to inspire humanity, Marc Etkind, Associate Administrator, Office of Communications, NASA Headquarters, shared how the digital transformation will enable NASA to share captivating stories of exploration, innovation, and inspiration.

The NASA+ app is set to launch in the coming months, and you can download it from the official NASA government website.

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