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From Circuitry to Artistry: Meet Mishaal Gangaram

Mishaal Gangaram, often recognised in the art community as the 'SON OF MIDAS', carved his niche within the music industry, designing evocative album covers and spearheading press shoots. This might surprise some, given his academic roots: he graduated from UCT with an electrical engineering degree in 2019. Yet, post-graduation, Mishaal felt a compelling urge to channel his creativity, leading him to the vibrant world of Joburg.

"I began with self-portraits in my home, a way to connect with and express my deepest emotions."

The tumultuous times of 2020, with the shadow of COVID-19, proved to be a crucible of change and reflection for him. He shares, "I began with self-portraits in my home, a way to connect with and express my deepest emotions." This endeavour gradually transformed his modest living space into a bustling studio, drawing various collaborators to his unique vision.

© Mishaal Gangaram
© Mishaal Gangaram

Mishaal's works are hallmarked by their authenticity. He consistently aims to narrate stories, especially those unheard, painted with innovative perspectives. The isolation of lockdown pushed him into introspection, and while he initially conveyed his struggles with mental health through his work, discussing these pieces became his voice, his means to share personal battles.

Today, Mishaal identifies less as a photographer and more as a visual artist. He elegantly interweaves diverse forms of art, direction, and creative conceptualization. His engineering background provides him an unmatched precision, especially in studio photography where meticulous control over elements is key.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Greek mythology, particularly tales of Midas, Mishaal also connects with his inner child, marrying childhood memories with contemporary interpretations. Notably, the vivid world of comics deeply influences his aesthetics.

In every piece he crafts, Mishaal Gangaram seamlessly blends precision, emotion, and a narrative—whether it's his own or another's. With a continued commitment to pushing boundaries, he ensures that each work resonates deeply and stirs authentic conversation.


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