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Maverick Seizure was Created To Create

Kgotso Michael Aphane, also known as Maverick Seizure. A self-taught photographer and film director from Soweto, South Africa, Kgotso's work is a celebration of art, drawing inspiration from influential African artists. In 2022, he proudly showcased his finest works at the "Nix Mapha" exhibition alongside Grammy-nominated artist @Bas from Dreamville. Join us for the "Created To Create" takeover, where Kgotso's captivating photography will immerse you in mesmerizing narratives.

Let's dive into Maverick Seizure's mesmerizing photography.

Maverick Seizure
The Enchanting Woman

In front of a soft graphite backdrop, an alluring woman in a charming gown exudes quiet confidence, seemingly holding the key to a realm of wonder and enchantment.

Maverick Seizure
Dave, the Modern-Day Bard

Amidst an electrifying crowd, Dave stands tall, a modern-day bard weaving tales of life, love, and struggle through masterful lyrics. His bandana symbolizes his heritage and the stories he carries within.

Maverick Seizure
A Universe of Possibilities

In his eyes, a universe of hope, wonder, and boundless potential unfurls, capturing the essence of human aspirations.

Maverick Seizure
A Protective Embrace

The older sister envelops her younger sibling in a fierce, protective embrace, shielding her from the world's harsh winds with unconditional love.

Maverick Seizure
Bas, Lost in Contemplation

Lost in contemplation, Bas' soul soars in perfect harmony with nature, a fleeting moment of profound connection.


Maverick Seizure's photography takes us on a journey of captivating narratives and heartfelt emotions. As we celebrate his artistry through the "Created To Create" takeover, we hope you find inspiration and joy in the powerful stories he beautifully captures. Thank you for joining us on this visual odyssey.


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Celebrating Creativity with the Blacksmith Culture Collective

At Blacksmith Culture Collective, we are passionate about celebrating the vibrant artistic and cultural landscapes of South Africa and beyond. Our "Created To Create" initiative serves as a platform to recognise and showcase talented individuals like Katleho for their exceptional craft.


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