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KAWS & Effect: ARR Sets the Stage for KAWS:HOLIDAY

In a revolutionary venture that began in 2018, KAWS:HOLIDAY sets out to redefine the boundaries of art appreciation. The ambitious project showcased colossal inflatable sculptures of KAWS's signature character, COMPANION, at iconic global destinations. Each installation was thoughtfully placed in unexpected locations, from serene beaches to verdant parks and revered cultural landmarks.

After hypnotising audiences in Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bristol, Singapore, Changbai Mountain, Melbourne, and even soaring high in the stratosphere, the global tour now arrives at the magnificent Prambanan Temple Park Complex in Indonesia.

In this monumental tenth HOLIDAY project, KAWS joins forces once again with its long-time collaborator, ARR.AllRightsReserved, to present a creation named "ACCOMPLICE." Witness an exclusive synergy where ancient architecture harmonises with contemporary art, blending history and modernity in a sublime visual experience.

From August 19 to August 31, 2023, immerse yourself in the wonder of KAWS:HOLIDAY INDONESIA, as the enigmatic "ACCOMPLICE" stands tall amidst the grandeur of Indonesia's largest Hindu temple complex. Prepare to be drawn into a world where the lines between art and history intertwine, leaving you with a sense of amazement and delight.

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