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Justice Mukheli was Created To Create

Embracing Creative Excellence with the Blacksmith Culture Collective

Our relentless commitment to honouring the brilliance of South African and global creatives remains untouched. With our "Created To Create" initiative, we pay tribute to individuals such as Justice Mukheli, who reshape the boundaries of creativity and ignite inspiration with their unmatched vision.

Justice Mukheli

Justice Mukheli's oeuvre is a mesmerising journey through the soul of Soweto, South Africa, his hometown and an endless source of inspiration. His art is a reflection of his upbringing, a tribute to a place steeped in history, and a canvas for exploring a myriad of profound themes. From masculinity to blackness, ancestry to spirituality, each stroke of Mukheli's brush is a deliberate exploration of the human experience.

Justice Mukheli's work is a poetic dance between the past and the present, spirituality and modernity, identity and freedom.
Justice Mukheli

Drawing from his roots as a photographer, Justice's creative process is characterised by rapidity and immersion. He skillfully crafts contemporary portraits that blur the boundaries between reality and abstraction, challenging our conventional understanding of portraiture and redefining what it means to be African.

Justice Mukheli

Mukheli's artistic journey also serves as a spiritual quest to reconnect with an ancestral Africa untouched by colonisation and Christianity. Through his work, he weaves stories of a past shaped by spirituality rather than external influences. In this narrative, his subjects take on an ethereal quality, their presence enigmatically blurred by the vivid tapestry of marks that envelop them.

Justice Mukheli

For Mukheli, the act of picking up a paintbrush is a deeply meditative process, a channel through which he can forge a connection with a bygone era. It prioritises experience and emotion over mere documentation, allowing his art to transcend the confines of time and place.

Justice Mukheli

Within his creations, Mukheli liberates his subjects from the confines of masculinity and the weight of societal identity, offering them a form that transcends gender and mirrors the essence of the spirit. In doing so, he deftly navigates the complex nuances of being a young black man in a post-internet world. His art exudes confidence while retaining a sense of modesty, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate layers of identity in today's ever-evolving landscape.


Justice Mukheli's work is a poetic dance between the past and the present, spirituality and modernity, identity and freedom. It is an artistic odyssey that invites us to explore the intricate mosaic of the human experience through the eyes of a visionary creator.


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