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Josh Badenhorst was Create to Create

We're thrilled to spotlight a name synonymous with evocative photography: Josh Badenhorst, whom many of you might recognise as @lildiorchain. Anchored in Johannesburg, Josh's illustrious journey has seen 11 years of capturing moments, with the last four dedicated to the raw beauty of film photography.

As part of our Created to Created series, we handed over the reins of our platform to Josh. Here at Blacksmith Culture Collective, our mission has always been to amplify the diverse voices of creativity, tracing its cultural impact from the heart of South Africa to every corner of the globe. This initiative is our nod to exceptional artists, showering them with the accolades they truly merit.

CINEMATIC MELANCHOLIA is Josh’s latest print project. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this series is a poignant reflection of his inner world. For him, every snapshot is akin to a tattoo – a deeply personal memento signifying pivotal life moments. And just as tattoos etch stories onto the skin, this project weaves Josh’s most personal tales into every frame.


Find him on: Instagram

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