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Polaroid's I-2: A Game-Changer in Instant Photography

We're bringing you the latest buzz from the world of instant photography. Polaroid has unveiled its newest prodigy: the I-2, retailing at $599.99 (±R11,500.00) from September 7th. Praised by the brand as their most advanced instant camera to date, the I-2 promises to elevate your photography game.

Polaroid I-2
© DP Review | Polaroid I-2

Unpack the below to get the scoop:

Lens & Focus

The I-2's three-element autofocusing lens is designed to outshine its predecessors. Polaroid’s integration of lidar technology ensures spot-on focus regardless of the distance or lighting, potentially making blurry Polaroid shots a thing of the past.

Manual Controls & Display

Film Compatibility




In a nutshell, the I-2 might just be the answer for those craving sharper, clearer photos from their Polaroid, while still having the option to capture those retro, dreamy shots the brand is celebrated for. Whether you're a nostalgic photographer or a modern-day enthusiast, the Polaroid I-2 seems poised to cater to all.


Discover more about the Polaroid I-2 here.

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