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Inside SXC: We spoke to Zaid Osman ahead of the 10th Year Celebration

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

The interview comes just before SXC's massive November 25th event in Johannesburg, uniting creators to showcase African street culture. Get ready as the creativity and passion take over.


The streets of South Africa are convergence points for creativity and culture. This is the world of SXC, a platform celebrating diversity and innovation. Founder Zaid Osman discussed the event's evolution and future vision.

"Our rich history heavily influences SXC's identity," he shares. "We aim to celebrate the community's holistic creativity."

This multidisciplinary ethos recognises fashion, music, art and entrepreneurship as interconnected. "Seeing how our events cultivate shared passion is extremely rewarding," Zaid reflects.

Curating SXC talent involves seeking boundary-pushing innovation. "We look for authenticity and cultural impact," Zaid explains. Standout moments include impactful collaborations and artists who energise the crowds.

"Embrace authenticity, persevere through challenges, and build your network."

The past year brought fresh heat, from the Jordan 4 SBs to Travis Scott. Zaid dreams of future partnerships with visionaries like NIGO who share SXC's inspirational commitment. His advice to aspiring creatives: "Embrace authenticity, persevere through challenges, and build your network."

Zaid aims to expand SXC globally over the next decade. "Sneaker culture connects communities everywhere," he believes, and this spirit infuses the upcoming SXC 2023 event. From drops, panels, to showcases and collaborations they celebrate African creativity.

"Experience the energy and innovation."

The ultimate dream collaboration would be partnering with pioneers like Pharrell Williams who push creative boundaries. "We want to inspire the next generation," he says. By platforming fresh talent, SXC hopes to shape culture on a global scale.


SXC is taking over on November 25th - secure your spot!



Hosted by DOOWAP & FRESHBYCADDY, and celebrating a decade of vibrant talent, SXC 2023 unites diverse creators like Kamo Mphela, Shane Eagle, Okmalumkoolkat, Speedsta, 2wobunnies, Don Delicious, Mashbeatz, and KMAT.


Happening at 1 Fox Junction, this massive convention fuses style, passion and innovation through exclusive merch drops, live performances, culture talks and the continent's largest sneaker showcase.

Pre-sale tickets are just R80, going up to R100 at the door. Get your tickets here!


Discover the convergence of music, fashion, art and entrepreneurship within the South African context at SXC 2023. The game's creativity and diversity will be on full display.

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