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Gregory Phalole was Created To Create

Celebrating Creativity with the Blacksmith Culture Collective

We are continually in pursuit of celebrating the creativity of South African creatives and beyond. Through the "Created To Create" initiative, we laud individuals like Gregory Phalole who redefine the contours of creativity and inspire others with their unparalleled vision.

Gregory Phalole

Gregory Phalole has always been driven by a restlessness that fuels his artistic journey. It propelled him from the world of crafting beats to the realm of weaving words, an eternal quest for the perfect language to convey his boundless imagination. Then, one day, he happened upon the universe through the lens of a camera. Photography has became Gregory's Rosetta Stone, with each frame resembling a symphony of light and shadow, showcasing profound stories of people and places.

Gregory Phalole

As Gregory Phalole's passion took off, photography naturally evolved into the world of filmmaking. This transition allows him to craft narratives enhanced with the vibrant pulse of motion. His artistic style is akin to a chameleon, adapting with every new project. Inspiration lies in the unexpected, where Gregory finds beauty in unconventional angles, creating unseen connections. Whether capturing the electrifying energy of live events or intimate editorial portraits, he paints the world with his unique vision, free from filters or preconceived expectations.


Gregory is unafraid to experiment, embracing the interplay of light and shadow, and celebrating the raw imperfections that make life genuine. His body of work serves as a testament to the hidden beauty that envelops us, waiting to be discovered. It is an open invitation to broaden your horizons, welcome the light, and rediscover the world one frame at a time.


So, step into Gregory's kaleidoscope and prepare to be taken by surprise, moved, and to see the world with newfound vibrancy. In his lens, the ordinary metamorphoses into the extraordinary, and connections bloom like fireworks in the darkest of nights.

Gregory Phalole, a name synonymous with creativity and vision, invites you to join him on his dynamic exploration of light and human connection.


Welcome to Gregory Phalole's creative world.


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