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Introducing Grade Town 2024

Join us at Grade Town, where the vibrant spirit of South African youth comes alive. Dive into a celebration of culture, creativity, and community on June 16th—get your tickets now!

Grade Town

Grade Town, born from Grade Africa, pioneers of South African streetwear, celebrates the energy and creativity of young South Africans. It's designed to coincide with Youth Day on June 16, making it more than just an event—it's a tribute to the dynamic youth culture. Grade Town mixes entertainment and art into a lively celebration that includes exciting events and live performances, all set in a festive atmosphere.

Grade Town

This event is more than a place to gather; it's a movement. It sparks lasting memories and inspires the youth to embrace their identities and pursue their passions.


Grade Town embodies diversity and the unstoppable spirit of young people, aiming to uplift and unite everyone who joins. It's not just about being there; it's about being part of something bigger that celebrates and uplifts the spirit of South Africa's youth. Stay tuned for more event announcements, but for now, purchase your tickets here.


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